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Heroes of the Storm (HoTs) Tier List and Talent Builds

Updated April 6, 2015 - Beta Version - May contain some errors

Fixed some errors

Added: Murky Pufferfish build, Sylvanas Awesome Build


  Warriors Assassins Supports Specialists
Tier 1 Stitches, ETC Illidan, Jaina, Valla, Zeratul Uther, Rehgar, Tyrande, Tassadar Vikings, Sylvanas
Tier 2 Diablo, Sonya, Tyrael, Muradin, Chen Tychus, Falstad Malfurion Hammer, Nazeebo, Azmodan, Zagara
Tier 3 Arthas, Anubarak Kerrigan, Thrall, Raynor Brightwing Murky, Gazlowe
Tier 4 Nova LiLi Abathur

Talent Builds